Spring Maintenance Tips

April Newsletter Information:

Is Your Off-Road Vehicle Ready for the Mud?!

5 simple self maintenance tips to ensure your vehicle is ready to ride!

1. Oil Change

Be sure to adhere to manufacture instructions when reinstalling a new oil filter and oil drain plug on the bottom of your engine.  Twisting filters need only to be hand tight similar to your automobile filters.  Oil drain plugs need to be tightened to a specific torque spec, as over tightening can result in stripping of the bolt  or case threads.

2. Air Filter

Avoid gasoline when cleaning your own foam filter because it will eat away the glue that holds the sections of filter together. We use and sell Bel-Ray foam filter cleaner and degreaser as well as filter oil in our show room.

3. Spark Plugs

Depending on the amount of use and the fuel you put into the tank, you may need a new spark plug. Poor quality gasoline can wreak havoc on your plug’s ability. Do not skimp on a $10 part, or you could be stuck out on the trail when you need it most. We recommend changing your spark plugs yearly for best performance.

4. Grips

Holding onto the handlebars is important and making sure your grips are secure each ride will keep you in control of the ATV. Keeping a bottle of grip glue in the toolbox will remind you of this each time you see it. Hopefully even before you need it.

5. Front Tire Pressure

Low pressure in either of the two front tires can leave you out of control and struggling to turn the bars. Keeping your tires properly inflated will help get the wheels to go where you want them to, and tread wear will be even across the tire.



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